CBMS is a robust real-time comprehensive management system which is designed to meet the strategic requirements and the demands of commercial building landlords when it comes to property and leasing management, accounts and budgeting, M&E, operations, tender management, carpark, security, and management reporting, thus saving the hassle of using various systems to view information.
It is developed using the latest technologies and fully integrated the International Property Management Standard and workflows.  It includes a set of tools that makes the task of managing one or multiple commercial buildings possible in an easy-to-use yet powerful manner.  

CBMS allows complete administration from setup of bare building under construction to occupied leased units upon completion.  The Lease, Tenancy and Accounts Management modules allow integrated lease data and payment processes throughout the entire lease life cycle, including sending electronic invoices to tenants.  With CBMS, building owners or property managers can now adopt the pro-active approach of delivering quality tenant services via the Tenant Intranet and allowing better understanding of tenants’ concerns to improve retention.   
For owners of multiple commercial buildings, it also allows them to identify shortage of staff and easily re-employ.  

Main Features

Commercial Building Management System (CBMS)

► Building Setup
     -       Building Setup    -    Area/ Unit Setup  -  Department Setup     -   Service Setup    -    Equipment Setup    -    Value Added Service Setup

► Lease Management
     -       Available Space  -    Bulk Rental Update   -   Potential Tenant     -   Virtual Unit Setup   -   Tenancy Renewal

► Tenancy Management
      -      Tenant Setup      -     Manage Tenancy      -    Meter Reading Input     -    Complain & Feedback 

► HR Admin Management
      -      HR Management    -     HR Assignment & Rights   -    Leave Management

► Accounts
     -       Expenses  -   Budgeting   -    Bulk Invoice   -    Debit Note  -   Credit Note  -    Received Payment    -    Reminder Invoice    -   Statement of Account

► Tender Management
     -       Submission of Tenderers  -     Assignment of Tenderers  -     Tender Listing   -    Tender Quotation Review & Approval    -   Tender Management

► E-Document Management

► Management Reporting
     -       Vacancy/ Occupancy Report  -  Collections Report    -  Outstanding Report   -   Aging Report   -   Interest Report  

► Day 2 Day
     -       Setup of Duty Shift    -   Duty Roaster Planning    -    Alert Announcement     -    To Do List     -    Management Announcement

► M&E
     -       Case Reporting    -       Case Summary   -       M & E Reporting    

► Security
      -       Visitors’ Attendance Log   -       Security Reporting

► Carpark Attendance
      -       Vehicle Log   -       Vehicle Setup

Also includes

Tenant Intranet

► Tenancy Info

► Complaint and Feedback

► Booking

► E-Document Management

► Carpark Attendance

► E-Statement

Tender Intranet

► Tenderer Info

► Submit Quotation

     -  Quotation For Approval

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