Agency Management System (AMS)
Is the most innovative and unique approach in the field of Real Estate Agency Management.

The fully integrated web-based system provides your agency complete technological and business solutions for all your managerial needs, ranging from Human Resource, Accounting, Transactions, Business Strategy, Communication, Reporting, and Customer Relation Management. The uniqueness and advantage of the AMS is due to the complete synchronization of all these modules, which work together, and cross-link relevant data. 

This innovative technology allows your company to grow and expand to manage a sales force at multiple locations.

AMS consists of web-based business applications, which allow any agencies to deploy them in any offices and any systems, without the need to get any technicians or engineers to install on the computer locally. The only requirement is to have Internet Browser and session cookies enabled and the system will work with your security login username and password.

Goal & Objective

  • Allow agencies to consolidate all administrative operations.
  • Allow agency owners to maintain and scale up their agency business easily.
  • Allow agency to use Multiple Level Marketing method for their commission structure
  • Allow flexible 88 different scheme to cater for different group of agents (Full Time, Part Time, Associate Model).
  • Trigger alerts to agency on targeted promotion of commission tier and designation accordingly to your setup, thus reduce manpower of maintaining the Human Resources manually.
  • Reduce manpower of calculation of mission overriding and payout.

Top Management

AMS provides agency owners an instant overview of their business and helps them to monitor their teams/ branches/ divisions' performance. Agency owners are able to analyze their company strength, recruitment drive, projected versus actual revenue and those areas of business that are weak at, and thus devising new strategies, commission schemes and tier structure to recruit and retain its agents, therefore increase their performance and scale-up its business.

Transaction Management

Transaction workflow is streamlined with a more efficient method of commission submission and auto-computation of commission and overriding.  This allows a better control of commission collection, payouts and payment receivables.

HR Management

The system allows computerized creation, edition, deletion and search of an associate and his profile, team, branch or division.  Reassignment of associates is also made possible.  In addition, the commission module allows different commission scheme and promotion requirements to be set and trigger auto alerts to agency once associate's target is hit, thus reducing the workload of HR to keep track manually. 


Allows to churn out individual/ downline sales reports and view payment received.

Main Key Module

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Transactions Management
  3. Invocing Management
  4. Management Reporting
  5. Manager System
  6. Project Transactions Management
  7. Commission Payout Management
  8. SMS Broadcasting Management
  9. Customer Relationship Management
  10. Accounts Management
  11. Virtual Office
  12. E-Training & CPD Management
  13. Exclusive Listing Management
  14. Bank Referral Management
  15. E-Submission Management

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