The real estate industry has many applications that are very critical to the real estate profession in their day to day work and activities. Each application allows them to break and make a deal. Some applications help the business to maintain their database of past transactions, customers and landlords information, details of property informations, etc.

In Asia E-Business Solutions (AES), we provide a range of Real Estate Applications ;

  • Agency Management System (AMS)
  • Commercial Building Management System (CBMS)
  • Leasing & Rental Management System
  • Transactions Management System
  • Listing Management System
  • Valuation Management System
  • Web Invoicing System

All the above applications are developed and customized according to each different need of our clients. AES has 18 Years of domain knowledge in Real Estate, which is uttilized to deploy numerous Real Estate Business Critical Applications in Asia. mainly in Singapore, China, Combodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

AES Technologies